Iran Nano Festival
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10th International Standard in Nanotechnology Published under Iran Supervision

30,Jul 2022
Iran proposed the tenth standard in the field of nanotechnology entitle as “Nanotechnologies— Toxicity assessment and...

Treatment of cancerous masses using magnetic nanoparticles

21,Jul 2022
Researchers at the University of Isfahan, in collaboration with researchers from University of Ilmenau in Germany, co...

Registration for attending the 13th Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibitionhas started

13,Jul 2022
Registration of applicants to attend the 13th Nanotechnology Exhibition has started. This exhibition will be held fro...

915 Iranian nanoproducts exported to various countries in five continents

12,Jul 2022
Iranian nanotechnology products are being produced and marketed in more than 15 industrial fields based on technologi...

Unveiling of Four Iranian Devices in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment at the Iran Lab Expo

25,Jun 2022
Four Nano Hesgar Sazan Salamat Arya Company devices in cancer diagnostics and treatment at the Iran Lab Expo were unv...

Nanocoating using ultrasonic spray system

12,Jun 2022
Sharif Solar Technology Development Company has succeeded in providing an ultrasonic spray system that can be used to...

Granting “Nano Namad” license to an industrial company for nanotechnology-based car air filters

12,Jun 2022
Behran Filter Company was able to receive the first “Nano Namad” license for its car air filter production line.

Design of convergent membranes for highly efficient separation of lithium ions monovalent ions

31,May 2022
This research was conducted through a mutual collaboration of researchers from Iran and Australia. As the result of t...

Optimization of Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Nanosorbent

29,May 2022
Researchers at Noshirvani University conducted research on using an adsorbent combination of carboxymethylcellulose-c...

12th Iran International Nanotechnology Festival: A one stop shop for the latest nanotechnology products and technologies

17,Jul 2019
Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) invites business people, industry managers, and industry experts to att...

Registration of the 12th International Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibiton began.

15,Jun 2019
The initial registration of the 12th International Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibition will start on June 15th, and ...