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Iran, S. Korea to Further Develop Nanotechnology Cooperation

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TEHRAN (INIC)- Iran and South Korea underlined devised plans to further increase cooperation and expand ties in the field of nanotechnology.

Concurrently with the participation of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) and Iranian technologists in Nano Korea 2016 Exhibition, an environment was created for the development of cooperation between Tehran and Seoul in the field of nanotechnology as well as signing two agreements.

Nano Korea 2016 was held in July 2016 in Kintex, South Korea. This event is a pioneer exhibition in the field of nanotechnology, and it is considered as an international market for commercialization, development and research in nanotechnology. Two agreements were signed by Iran and South Korea to increase cooperation between the two countries in the field of nanotechnology.

Endorsement of Agreements between INIC and Nanotechnology Research Association (NTRA) of South Korea

The aim of agreement was to increase technological cooperation between developers and consumers of nanotechnology products through a strategic unity between the INIC and NTRA.

Among the concepts of the agreement, mention can be made of exchange of information about nanotechnology products, detection of producers and consumers of products and technology, increasing cooperation among the producers and hosting educational seminars and workshops.

Signing Agreement between INIC and Korea Nanotechnology Research Society (KoNTRS)

An agreement was signed in Nano Korea 2016 between Dr. Saeed Sarkar, representative of the INIC, and Dr. Kibum Kim, the representative for KoNTRS, to strengthen scientific, technological and industrial cooperation between Iran and South Korea in the field of nanotechnology.

The aim of the agreement is to develop and modify cooperation in all aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The cooperation includes research and development, educational workshops and programs for users of laboratories.

Networking, development of infrastructures, compilation of standards and investment are among the other scopes of the agreement.

A sum total of 420 companies from 15 countries put on display their latest achievements and products in the field of nanotechnology in Nano Korea 2016.