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Registration Help For Visitors

Thank you for considering visiting The 13th International Festival & Exhibition of Nanotechnology (Iran Nano 2022). If you are citizen of a country, which Iran requires VISA for travel; you will need to complete registration progress to get invitation letter from us, which you can use to get your VISA.

  • Note that it is better to use updated versions of browsers and latest versions of operating systems in order to register.
  • Before start registration, please gather all documents and information including your passport information to ease the registration process.
  • It is imperative to enter the correct information at each stage of the registration process in order to attend the exhibition.
  • Completing fields marked with the "*" is required and you cannot register without entering them.



Registering process is very simple and includes nine steps:

1-      Visit using your browser.

2-      On the home page, click on the “Register Now” button as shown in the picture.

3-      In the “User type” field select “Visitor” and then fill other fields using valid information. After filling all fields, click on “Register” button at the end of registration field.

    • Make sure that you written down your Email address and Password so you can access them later.

4-      Check your email for an activation email and click on the activation link to activate your account.

5-      Login to your account using Email Address and Password you chose earlier.

6-      On the dashboard of your account click on “Edit user info”.

7-      In the opened page, fill in the information using valid information to complete your registration.

Please upload a high quality scanned image of your personal photo and passport.

Your personal photo must have these conditons:

    • Colored. Black and white and monochrome photos may be rejected.Correct Personal Photo
    • In jpg or jpeg format.
    • The file size should be more than 10KB and less than 200KB.
    • It is vertical so that its height is greater than the width.
    • Have a resolution of 300 (minimum width) at 400 (minimum height) pixels.
    • Without any margins around the photo.
    • The background is completely one-handed and bright.
    • In such a way that the face is directly facing the camera.
    • No special condition in the face and with eyes open.
    • Without using a hat. The face must be clearly defined and coveralls on the head like scarves should not cover the face of the face or shade on it.
    • Using headphones, wireless hands free devices and similar items in the photo is not acceptable.
    • Using the glasses in the photo is not acceptable.
    • Photos that are scanned from a passport, a national driver's license, etc., are not accepted.


8-      After validating information and issuing invitation you will be notified and you can download your invitation trough your profile’s dashboard

9-      If you are interested to participate in any of workshops or plans you can use “Workshops and plan registration” button in the dashboard of your profile to register in them.


Defect Information

If there are any defect in your information you will be notified to correct them. Information about defect will be shown after clicking on “”. After checking and correcting defecting information, please check the “Confirm and finalize the defecting information” and then click on “Edit” button.


If you have any question or need help about any items in registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us.